Gift Ideas: Teacher Appreciation

As the leaves change every September, so does the person who is teaching your children. The start of a new school year calls for a new teacher, the same way it calls for pumpkin spice lattes and freshly sharpened pencils. As the school year progresses, the bond your child shares with their teacher grows stronger and stronger. Your child will like most of their teachers; while there may be a few that they aren’t the biggest fans of. Every once in a while, your child will have a teacher that they love. This teacher inspires them to always try their best, and actually makes them want to learn! Giving your children’s teachers a token of your gratitude for the lessons that they instill in your children is a great way to show your appreciation.

There are so many different creative and fun options for what you can get for teachers as a Christmas or summer vacation gift! Because of this, we’ve come up with a list of the greatest hits in terms of classroom gifts! Your children’s teachers will seriously thank you when you gift them something from this list!

Flowers. Flowers can make a room smell amazing; whether your teacher chooses to leave them in the classroom or take them home to enjoy! Add an extra thoughtful touch with a cute, personalized note from your child. We love “Thanks for helping me bloom”!

Candy and snacks. These types of gifts are always very well received with teachers, either because they’re for sharing with the class or because you’ve gotten them a little something to enjoy on their own! There are tons of cute labels and puns that you can include. Some examples that we find especially adorable are “you are o-fish-ally the best” for Swedish Fish, “you deserve a break” for Kit-Kats, or “just popping in to say thank you” for popcorn.

Tote Bag. This “World’s Best Teacher” tote is totally roomy and durable. It would be perfect for your child’s teacher to carry papers for grading to and from the classroom during the school year, and for holding sunscreen and a beach towel in the summer!

Nail Polish or manicure/pedicure. Chances are good that your children’s teachers are so busy with their pupils that they don’t get too many chances to pamper themselves. Get them a gift card to a local spa or some cute nail polish colors for an at-home spa session! Add a cute note, like “thanks for being a toe-tally awesome teacher” or “you’re the best teacher ever, hands down!”

Something for the classroom. Whether your child’s teacher is in need of a classroom clock that doesn’t stop ticking halfway through the day or some fresh games for the rainy day recess corner, getting them something that the classroom will benefit from is a great idea! It will get a lot of use, and the teacher will be grateful!

Something for summer. If summer is fast approaching, getting your child’s teacher something that they can use in the warmer months is a fantastic idea. A cute beach towel or new summer read will be very well received!

Rhinestone Sash. Get your child’s teacher a “#1 Teacher” rhinestone sash that they’ll be able to rock in the classroom or on the first day of school! Your child’s teacher will get a kick out of this fun and sweet gift.  



Rhinestone Sash Spotify Playlists

Here at Rhinestone Sash, we love a good gathering! Whether you’re getting family and friends together to celebrate something big like a baby shower, or something as simple as a summer barbecue, we’ve got the perfect soundtrack for your special event!

Baby Shower – This playlist is exactly what you’ll want in the background as you celebrate the arrival of a new little one into the world! With classics like The Temptation’s “My Girl” and The Jackson 5’s “ABC” mixed with newer favorites like Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On” and John Mayer’s “Daughters”, it’s sure to be a big hit with your guests!

Divorce Party – Saying ‘sayonara’ to your ex has never been easier than it will be with this girl power-heavy playlist! You’ll be ready to hit the dance floor and move onto something even better after listening.

Gay Pride Playlist – You won’t be able to resist getting up and shaking it to this electric, feel good Gay Pride playlist! It is chock full of artists who support the LGBT movement, from Madonna to Macklemore to Lady Gaga to RuPaul and so many more.  

Songs for Mom Playlist – While every day isn’t Mother’s Day, it sure can feel like it when you’re listening to this playlist!  Comprised equally of songs written by popular artists for their mothers and songs that mom’s all around will love!

Valentines Playlist – Love is in the air when this Valentine’s Day Playlist is flowing through your speakers! We’ve put together a list of the best love songs of all genres for you to enjoy on Valentine’s Day- or any other day, for that matter!

Cocktail Party Playlist – Pour yourself an honest to goodness cocktail, invite over a few friends, and press play on this glamorous, old school playlist. You’ll feel transported to another decade, and will surely enjoy the sophisticated mix of Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and more.

Dance Party Playlist – Perfect for the whole family! This mix of old favorites and new hits will most definitely get everyone on their feet and grooving on the dance floor. It’s a feel good track list that you’ll be able to sing along to all night!

21st Birthday Playlist – There’s no playlist that you’ll want accompanying you to your first time at the bars more! It’s a great mix of the songs you grew up singing along to, like “Oops!…I Did It Again” and “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” plus your new favorites, from “Jordan Belfort” to “Doses & Mimosas”.

30th Birthday Playlist – We don’t know about you, but we wished we could turn 30 every day after listening to this fun birthday party playlist! It’s jam packed with all of the ‘80s and ‘90s hits that you love, alongside a healthy mix of newer songs!

40th Birthday Playlist – You’ll feel like your 40th birthday went by in the blink of an eye if you play this playlist at your party. It would be hard not to, since this playlist will keep you on the dance floor all night long!  

40th Birthday Ideas

If you or someone you know is turning fabulous forty this year, get them a sash that they can wear on their big day so that everyone knows that they’re the birthday gal! We have the perfect birthday sash for any birthday gal. No matter her personality, you’re sure to find the sash that fits her to a tee! She’ll get a kick out of the attention she’s sure to receive for looking so fierce!


For the gal who has a witty and sarcastic retort for everything, this “Over the Hill” sash is just perfect! The skull and crossbones on the shoulder make light of this big birthday in a low-key, but funny way!  SASHOVRTHEHLL-2T

For the soon-to-be forty year-old who doesn’t seem a day over twenty, get this “Still Wild at 40” sash! After all, just because she’s another year older, it doesn’t mean that she has to be any less fun!


For the fashionista forty year-old, this “40 and Fabulous” sash will be a big hit. Find out what outfit she’s planning on wearing to her birthday bash, and grab her a sash in a color that compliments it well!


For the forty year old who’s always the life of the party, this “Fun, Foxy & 40” sash is just the ticket. She’s always the most fun one in the room, but now she has the birthday sash to prove it!


For the forty year old who’s totally classy, pick up this chic and simple “I’m 40 Today” sash. The cursive is so pretty and getting the sash in black will make whatever she wears totally pop.



How to Ask Your Bridesmaids

So, you’ve officially gotten the rock on your finger and you’re totally ready for wedded bliss- the only thing standing in between you and a lifetime with your fiancé is the wedding. When you’re up to your ears in fonts, cake flavors, and place settings, you’ll need a good shoulder to lean on. This is where your bridesmaids come in.

Not only are they going to be there for you on the big day itself, but they’ll be there for all the little things leading up to the main event. Your bridesmaids will be your support system, your source of laughter, and much more. Recently, it has become trendier and trendier for a bride to ask the women who she wants by her side on her wedding day in a cute way! We totally love this idea, and have come up with a few different options that are sure to fit yours’ and your ‘maids’ personalities to a tee!

Mini Champagne – we don’t know why everything seems cuter when it’s mini, but we sure won’t argue! Mini champagne bottles are a precious and fairly inexpensive way to pop the question to your bridesmaids. Tie a cute straw on with a colorful bow- maybe even add a customizable label. It’s sure to be an offer they can’t refuse. STRAW0PPRDOTPK-2T

Mix CD – If you’re a bride who is constantly asked to DJ on your girls’ nights, what better way to ask your bridesmaids to be yours? A mix cd is a super personal way to ask a pal to be one of your ‘maids, and is something she will cherish for years.

Card/note – Writing your potential bridesmaids a heartfelt note asking her to be your bridesmaid is a very touching gesture. While it may not cost much, the sentiment will be priceless to your friend! Thank her for having been such a great friend to you so far, reminisce about the early stages of your relationship with her and the groom, and ask her to join you as you move into this next stage of your life!

Bridesmaid Shirt – These adorable white tees will make saying no to being your bridesmaid absolutely impossible! Your friends might not even be able to wait until the bachelorette party to start rocking these cute, spirited tops.


Charm or jewelry – If you have a friend who has worn a charm bracelet for years, or one who you’ve been especially close with for years, giving her a charm for her bracelet or another small token asking her to be your bridesmaid is perfect. What’s even better, her present will surely fit inside this pretty organza favor bag!


Include Your Flower Girl in More Than Just the Ceremony

If you’re having a flower girl in your wedding, you might want to consider including her in more than just the ceremony. Since she’s going to be a part of the bridal party, it’s important to make her feel like she’s a part of the action. Having her interact with the other older attendants before the big day will also go a long ways toward making her feel comfortable and involved.

            Before anything else, consider how you would like to ask your flower girl to be a part of your wedding. Even very little girls are aware of how important it is to be a part of a wedding, and asking her to be a flower girl in a special way is a fantastic way to get her excited for what is to come.

            Since your flower girl is a part of the bridal party, inviting her to the bridal shower or bridesmaids’ lunch is a great way to introduce your little helper to the bigger ladies that she will be surrounded by on the big day. If your flower girl is unable to attend either of these events, try to arrange a date that the two of you can do something together. Forming a bond with your flower girl is a great way to make her feel special and more included in the wedding’s festivities.

            Another way to make your flower girl feel included in the wedding party is by getting her a sash for the bridal shower and/or rehearsal dinner. She’ll love having a special identifier, and knowing how important her role is to the wedding will also go a long ways toward helping her to remember to be on her best behavior for the big day itself!

            Last but not least, after all is said and done, getting your flower girl a small thank you would be a wonderful gesture of your appreciation. A charm for her charm bracelet, a little necklace, a framed photograph of the two of you would all be perfect keepsakes of the special day! Best of all, wrap the gift in this favor bag for an extra special touch.


Gift Ideas: 50th Birthday

Some people consider fifty to be over the hill, but here at, we consider it to be just getting started! If you have a best friend or loved one who is celebrating the ten year anniversary of their 40th birthday, we’ve got the perfect gifts for you!

  1. Subscription boxes. If your birthday girl is a foodie, cocktail connoisseur, or makeup maven, a gift of the month club might be the perfect gift for her! There are a wide range of different options, and they’re super easily customizable. Some of the most popular ideas include cocktail-a-month, book-of-the-month, beauty subscription boxes, and more!
  2. Spa day. If your birthday girl loves to be pampered, gift her a few different spa treatments so that she can spend her special day being spoiled with a massage, facial, and manicure and pedicure!
  3. Candles. If your birthday girl has a signature scent or loves the smell of flowers or spices, gifting a beautiful candle or set of candles is a wonderful way to show her how much you appreciate her! She’ll love how good her house smells!
  4. Stationary set. If your birthday girl loves the idea of a handwritten card, and is still a stickler for thank you notes, then a pretty stationary set would be a beautiful gift idea for her! Stationary sets vary in both price and the types of stationary included, so you’re sure to find the perfect option!
  5. 50th birthday sash. If your birthday girl is ready to embrace her fabulous new age and wants to have a big party to celebrate with all of her friends and family, a birthday sash is the perfect gift! She’ll love being the center of attention with her glitzy accessory!
  6. Charity donation or day of volunteering. If your birthday girl reminds you of Mother Teresa, she’s sure to love this heartfelt gift. Whether you give a donation in her name to her favorite organization or you plan a day volunteering at a local charity, this is sure to be a birthday present she remembers for years!
  7. Golf bag or tennis bag. If your birthday girl is super athletic, a new sports bag will definitely be a big hit with her! Bonus- whenever she uses her new carrying case, she’s sure to think of whoever gave it to her!
  8. 50th birthday t shirt. If your birthday girl is fun with a little bit of a sassy side, a “Damn, I Make 50 Look Good” tee will be the perfect gift! She’ll get a kick out of rocking it everywhere she goes, and may even wear it after her birthday is over!
  9. Fabulous party. Throwing the birthday girl a fabulous surprise birthday party is the best way to show her just how she means to you! She’ll love seeing all of her favorite people in one place. Having her favorite cake and drink at the party will make it extra-special!
  10. Time Capsule. What better way to celebrate the birthday girl than with a present full of memories from her childhood! Wrap up things like movies, books, candy, and games that were all popular when she was young so that she gets a real blast from the past!

Gift Ideas: Your Best Friend’s Engagement

So, you just got off of the phone with one of your best friends and she shared some thrilling news with you- she’s engaged! Although you congratulated her profusely, you still want to get her a little something to let her know how happy for her you are. This is freakin’ marriage, after all! Here at Rhinestone Sash, we totally know the feeling! And we’ve come up with a few different small gift ideas for you to give your newly-engaged bestie.


Wedding Magazines with champagne. If your bestie is anything like us, we bet that she’s already itching to start planning! Help her begin by giving her a few wedding magazines- along with a bottle of bubbly. Nothing will make her more excited for what’s to come than browsing bridal mags and sipping champs!

Ring Holder. A ring holder is a thoughtful gift for a new bride-to-be, as in all the hoopla of her engagement she likely won’t think to pick one out for herself. Rather than waiting until the wedding shower to see if she receives one, give her piece of mind for her showers to come!

Bride to be goodies. Now that she’s officially a Soon-to-be-Mrs., your bestie is probably freaking out (in the best way possible!). Share in her giddy celebration by ordering her a tank with a Future Mrs. tank or Bride can cooler!

Handwritten note. Although the art of handwritten communication can seem at times to be in danger of being lost, occasions such as these are wonderful opportunities to break out your stationary! Think outside the box when writing your note, and avoid conventional congratulations by reminiscing on when you first met the bride, when you were first introduced to the couple, a happy memory the three of you share, or some advice or more personal well-wishes for your friend!

Take her to brunch. One of the best gifts that you can give to a new bride is an opportunity to gush about her newly pending nuptials. She’ll appreciate a listening ear, and it will mean a lot to her that you are interested to hear all the details of both the engagement and the planning process that she’s about to embark on!

Offer your skills. If you have specific skills that could be helpful to the wedding planning or event itself, feel free to offer them! Letting the bride know early on that you’re willing to help out in whatever specific way that you are is a sweet gesture that will take some of the weight off of her shoulders!



Gift Ideas: 21st Birthday

If you have a bestie or loved one who’s twenty-first birthday is coming up, we’ve got you covered on the perfect gift for her! Now that she’s finally able to buy a bottle of wine and order a drink at the bar, she’ll love these sweet and fun gift ideas!


  1. Decorated Wine Glass. If your birthday girl is classy and loves nothing more than a nice glass of wine with dinner, then decorating a wine glass for her is a fabulous gift option! Personalize it with her monogram, favorite colors, cute patterns, and more!
  2. Hangover Relief Kit. If your birthday girl is a party animal who will certainly give shutting the bar down her best shot, prep her for the inevitable hangover the morning after with a hangover relief kit! Decorate it super cutely and include essentials like asprin, Gatorade or Pedialyte, makeup wipes, Emergen-C, breath mints, and an energy bar.
  3. Birthday Sash. Before your birthday girl hits the bar, make sure she’s decked out in a 21st birthday sash so that everyone knows it’s her big night! Bonus points if she scores a few free shots out of her cute sash!
  4. Nice Bottle of Alcohol. If your birthday girl is a little more low-key, but knows what she likes to drink already, opting for a nice bottle of her favorite type of alcohol is a terrific and thoughtful gift.
  5. Cocktail Recipe Book. If your birthday girl is a burgeoning Martha Stewart, introduce her to the glamorous world of cocktails with a mixology book. She’ll love discovering new recipes and playing bartender!
  6. 21 Shirt. If your birthday girl is the type to celebrate her birthday for an entire week or month, gifting her a shirt that lets everyone know that she’s finally 21 is the perfect option! She’ll love the extra attention she gets!
  7. “Open When…” Envelopes. If your birthday girl isn’t much of a drinker but you still want to get her something special, make her some “Open When” letters. Include options like “…You’re sad, …You miss me, …Something wonderful happened, and then write letters that correspond with each situation! It’s a gift that she’ll cherish for years to come.
  8. Wooden Letter with Photographs. If you’re the crafty type but want to stray from decorating flasks, wine glasses, or other alcohol –related presents, picking out a large wooden letter in the shape of the birthday girl’s initial is a great gift. Decorate it with photographs from your favorite memories, glitter, and write a sweet note on the back!
  9. Cocktail Shaker. A cocktail shaker is a thoughtful and practical gift that the birthday girl is sure to get a ton of use out of as the years go by. She’ll feel like an adult when she opens up this gift without a doubt!
  10. Cute Flask. Although the birthday girl might finally be 21, that doesn’t mean she can take alcohol wherever she goes! If you know she’ll want to take it on the sly (say camping, for example!) then give her a flask! You can decorate it yourself, get one engraved, or just find one with a cute pattern- either way, it’s going to be a big hit!


Summer Bachelorette Party Essentials

With wedding season nearing it’s peak, the amount of Bachelorette parties being planned and executed all around us is anything but surprising! Since the worst thing that can happen at a Bachelorette party is a bout of unpreparedness, we’ve come up with a list of absolute summer Bachelorette Party essentials. Read on, pack up, and check at least one thing off your list!

Since you’re probably going to be juggling lots of cute guy’s phone numbers (as long as you aren’t the bride!) and free drinks, you’ll definitely need to keep your hands free. Who wants to be schlepping around all of their belongings in the hot sunshine! Def not us! And that’s why one of the most important things you’ll need for a summer Bachelorette Party is a cute tote to keep all of your things in one place and make them super easy to carry.

Hanging outside in the sunshine with your besties will be a total blast, but spending too long in a bikini can only mean one thing- a sunburn. Prevent one by making sure you pack extra sunscreen! If your bachelorette party takes you somewhere where outside alcohol isn’t allowed in, don’t let it cramp your style! There are tons of cool flasks designed as tubes of sunscreen nowadays- we think they’re pretty clever and the perfect addition to your party!

If you can bring outside alcohol to your party, or you’re planning on purchasing alcohol at your party location, don’t forget to bring your bride and bridesmaid can cozies! They’re super cute and will keep your drink cold while making sure that your hand doesn’t freeze from your icy beverages. Win-win, if you ask us!

Last but not least, don’t forget your swimsuit and towel! Even if you don’t plan on going swimming, you never know when you might be able to snag a few hours of tanning time to help your bronze before the wedding…

We love the idea of having a summer Bachelorette Party- have fun with yours!


Shop the look:


Should You Have a Bachelorette Party For Your Second Marriage?

TEE0FLYWBRD-2TWith second marriages becoming more and more common with each passing year, it is more than likely that you know someone who has or will eventually be remarried! While the bride may not be ready for the amount of attention that she had at her first wedding, there’s no reason not to celebrate this happy, exciting occasion. After speaking with her about her hopes and expectations for the upcoming festivities, you might find that she would like to have some sort of party to celebrate her impending nuptials with her close friends. However, she might be hoping for something slightly more low-key. This is completely understandable, and it is totally possible to honor her wishes while still having some fun before her special day. Below are some fun ideas for a bachelorette party for a second marriage. After all, at the end of the day, a bachelorette party is simply a celebration among friends thrown to celebrate the upcoming wedding date of a woman. In other words, it’s really just another excuse to get together for a fun time with friends and loved ones!

Dinner Cruise. A sunset dinner cruise is a glamorous and fun upgrade to a traditional bachelorette party. Toasting to your girlfriend’s future happiness with champagne will only be more memorable when it happens on the water and against a beautiful sunset backdrop!

Murder Mystery Dinner. The mother of all wine nights. Hosting a murder mystery dinner is a fun and entertaining way to celebrate a second-time bachelorette. Consider theming the night eighties wedding, haunted mansion, or roaring twenties and purchasing costumes from Goodwill to really get into the event!

Girls Weekend/Getaway. Instead of hitting Vegas, take the approaching wedding as an opportunity to jet off somewhere like Palm Springs, Charleston, or Napa for a fun and relaxing getaway. Explore the shopping, try out restaurants, sip your favorite wines and enjoy some much needed girl time!

Spa Day/Treatments. What better way to honor the bride than to spend a day or afternoon pampering her (and yourselves!)? Heading to a spa is a guaranteed way to make the bride forget about her wedding stresses. Just because it’s her second wedding doesn’t mean that the planning isn’t still straining!

Wine Tasting. Wine Tasting for a second bachelorette party is especially fun, because you’ll actually be able to afford the wines you try this time around. With a more refined palate, sampling the different kinds will be enjoyable, and made only more enjoyable that you’ll be sipping with your besties by your side.

Joint Bridal Party/Groomsmen. Having a joint party/shower for the groom and bride together is an excellent way to kick off the celebrating. This is an especially great option if neither the bride nor groom feels the need to go too crazy, and are really just looking forward to the day that they finally become man and wife!

Brunch. If your bride isn’t the type to make a big fuss about her wedding, but you still want to celebrate with her, grab a few of her closest friends and schedule a nice brunch. Cheers-ing to her wedding doesn’t have to be a big or splashy occasion; it can be as simple as great food, great friends, and great bubbly!

Cooking Class/Party. Since the bride and groom may already have the china and other traditional items that the couple would register for prior to the wedding, attending a cooking class would be a useful yet fun celebration!