Summer Bachelorette Party Essentials

With wedding season nearing it’s peak, the amount of Bachelorette parties being planned and executed all around us is anything but surprising! Since the worst thing that can happen at a Bachelorette party is a bout of unpreparedness, we’ve come up with a list of absolute summer Bachelorette Party essentials. Read on, pack up, and check at least one thing off your list!

Since you’re probably going to be juggling lots of cute guy’s phone numbers (as long as you aren’t the bride!) and free drinks, you’ll definitely need to keep your hands free. Who wants to be schlepping around all of their belongings in the hot sunshine! Def not us! And that’s why one of the most important things you’ll need for a summer Bachelorette Party is a cute tote to keep all of your things in one place and make them super easy to carry.

Hanging outside in the sunshine with your besties will be a total blast, but spending too long in a bikini can only mean one thing- a sunburn. Prevent one by making sure you pack extra sunscreen! If your bachelorette party takes you somewhere where outside alcohol isn’t allowed in, don’t let it cramp your style! There are tons of cool flasks designed as tubes of sunscreen nowadays- we think they’re pretty clever and the perfect addition to your party!

If you can bring outside alcohol to your party, or you’re planning on purchasing alcohol at your party location, don’t forget to bring your bride and bridesmaid can cozies! They’re super cute and will keep your drink cold while making sure that your hand doesn’t freeze from your icy beverages. Win-win, if you ask us!

Last but not least, don’t forget your swimsuit and towel! Even if you don’t plan on going swimming, you never know when you might be able to snag a few hours of tanning time to help your bronze before the wedding…

We love the idea of having a summer Bachelorette Party- have fun with yours!


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Should You Have a Bachelorette Party For Your Second Marriage?

TEE0FLYWBRD-2TWith second marriages becoming more and more common with each passing year, it is more than likely that you know someone who has or will eventually be remarried! While the bride may not be ready for the amount of attention that she had at her first wedding, there’s no reason not to celebrate this happy, exciting occasion. After speaking with her about her hopes and expectations for the upcoming festivities, you might find that she would like to have some sort of party to celebrate her impending nuptials with her close friends. However, she might be hoping for something slightly more low-key. This is completely understandable, and it is totally possible to honor her wishes while still having some fun before her special day. Below are some fun ideas for a bachelorette party for a second marriage. After all, at the end of the day, a bachelorette party is simply a celebration among friends thrown to celebrate the upcoming wedding date of a woman. In other words, it’s really just another excuse to get together for a fun time with friends and loved ones!

Dinner Cruise. A sunset dinner cruise is a glamorous and fun upgrade to a traditional bachelorette party. Toasting to your girlfriend’s future happiness with champagne will only be more memorable when it happens on the water and against a beautiful sunset backdrop!

Murder Mystery Dinner. The mother of all wine nights. Hosting a murder mystery dinner is a fun and entertaining way to celebrate a second-time bachelorette. Consider theming the night eighties wedding, haunted mansion, or roaring twenties and purchasing costumes from Goodwill to really get into the event!

Girls Weekend/Getaway. Instead of hitting Vegas, take the approaching wedding as an opportunity to jet off somewhere like Palm Springs, Charleston, or Napa for a fun and relaxing getaway. Explore the shopping, try out restaurants, sip your favorite wines and enjoy some much needed girl time!

Spa Day/Treatments. What better way to honor the bride than to spend a day or afternoon pampering her (and yourselves!)? Heading to a spa is a guaranteed way to make the bride forget about her wedding stresses. Just because it’s her second wedding doesn’t mean that the planning isn’t still straining!

Wine Tasting. Wine Tasting for a second bachelorette party is especially fun, because you’ll actually be able to afford the wines you try this time around. With a more refined palate, sampling the different kinds will be enjoyable, and made only more enjoyable that you’ll be sipping with your besties by your side.

Joint Bridal Party/Groomsmen. Having a joint party/shower for the groom and bride together is an excellent way to kick off the celebrating. This is an especially great option if neither the bride nor groom feels the need to go too crazy, and are really just looking forward to the day that they finally become man and wife!

Brunch. If your bride isn’t the type to make a big fuss about her wedding, but you still want to celebrate with her, grab a few of her closest friends and schedule a nice brunch. Cheers-ing to her wedding doesn’t have to be a big or splashy occasion; it can be as simple as great food, great friends, and great bubbly!

Cooking Class/Party. Since the bride and groom may already have the china and other traditional items that the couple would register for prior to the wedding, attending a cooking class would be a useful yet fun celebration!

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