Tips For Your 21st Birthday

I'm 21 Today Sash

Turning 21? Chances are you’ll be heading out on the town, legally able to drink from any of the bars for the first time. So what can you do to make sure you have a good night and an even better next day?

Eat Before You Drink
Eat a large meal, specifically one with carbohydrates. Drinking on an empty stomach = bad news.

Alternate Water with Alcohol
If you plan on imbibing more than one drink, alternate with water. This will keep you hydrated and will prevent you from overdoing it by drinking too much alcohol at once.

Wear a Sash!
Everyone in that bar has had a 21st birthday, and a lot of them would love to help make yours awesome. Wear a 21st birthday sash, and you WILL get free drinks. We have a few 21st birthday sashes for you to choose from!

Have a Designated Driver
Whether it’s a friend, taxi, or limo, make sure you have a designated driver. You’ll want a safe and reliable ride.

Try New Things
Ask your friends to get you one of their favorite drinks, so you can try a type of alcohol you may not have had before. Stumped on what to order? Ask the bartender for their favorite!

Have a “Handler”
Get someone who cares for you greatly to be your handler for the day. They’ll be there if you aren’t feeling well, and they’ll be the ones to take the drink from you if you insist on keep drinking past your threshold. Being a handler is tough work, but you’ll want it. They’re particularly handy in keeping an eye on your stuff and making sure you get home safe and sound! If you do have a handler, you may want to find a nice way to thank them after your birthday party. Buy them dinner or a nice treat!

Have a safe and happy 21st Birthday! Have more tips? Leave them in the comments! JPUYAK8GBT73

What To Wear With Your Graduation Robe

Graduation Collage

Graduation season is upon us, which means countless grads are searching for a nice outfit to wear under their robe. It needs to be appropriate for your friends, teachers, and family to see, coordinate with the robe, and look good whether the robe is zipped up or down. But above all, you should include something that shows off your personality or helps your friends and family find you in that sea of robes and hats.

How about a sash? Our graduation sashes look great on top of a robe, if you’re allowed, or underneath for a fun surprise. You can reuse it at your graduation party or for some fun pics after the ceremony! has two great graduation-themed sashes for $19.99 each. Check out the Class of 2013 Sash and the Most Likely to Succeed Sash for fun ways to stand out at your graduation!

What will you be wearing with your robe?

Throw a Divorce Party!

Divorce party cake

Divorce can be a part of life. Depending on how you handle it, the process can be sad or liberating. If you or a friend are going through a divorce, throw a divorce party and ring in freedom with your closest friends!

Location: Pick somewhere fun and distracting. You don’t want to focus too much on the past or the sadness. Comedy clubs and bowling alleys are great places to start, or do the new divorcee’s favorite activity, whatever it may be!

Food: Re-use your wedding cake toppers: with a few alterations, you can show your true feelings for your ex on a “divorce cake.” Our Pinterest board has some great examples!

Divorce Party rhinestone accessories

Outfit: Show your feelings in rhinestones (and get some free drinks out of it!). Get these black sparkle veils for everyone at the party to wear. What better way to “mourn” the death of a bad marriage?

Have you been to a divorce party? What did you do? Let us know in the comments!

Host a Glitzy Baby Shower

Baby showers don’t have to be all pastels and ducks. Show off the mom-to-be’s style and create something a bit more formal and classy than the showers your friends may be used to. She’ll thank you!

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

 Paris-themed Party
This is one of the most glamorous baby showers I’ve ever seen. You can replicate it by picking a classic color pairing (like pink, black, and off-white) or theme (Paris), and sticking to it. Looking for a Paris theme? Pick up some macarons, croissants, and nice chocolates. Having a boy? Give it a “Little Prince” theme!

Champagne/Cider Bar
Create a lovely champagne and sparkling cider bar with fresh fruit and juices so guests can mix their own sparkling drink!

We can’t make this list and not include some rhinestones! The Mom-to-be will stand out in a classy and glitzy way with one of these sashes. Incorporate rhinestones into the entire event with a “prince” or “princess” theme. This sash is available for $16.99.

Gold Glitter
A bit of glitter’s never hurt anyone, and as shown above, accents of gold can even work for  a shower welcoming a baby boy. The accents help add a bit of a glam feel to a traditional pastel shower. See the whole party here.

Find more glitzy baby shower ideas on our Pinterest board, and see all of our “Mom to Be” sashes at!