Gift Ideas: 21st Birthday

If you have a bestie or loved one who’s twenty-first birthday is coming up, we’ve got you covered on the perfect gift for her! Now that she’s finally able to buy a bottle of wine and order a drink at the bar, she’ll love these sweet and fun gift ideas!


  1. Decorated Wine Glass. If your birthday girl is classy and loves nothing more than a nice glass of wine with dinner, then decorating a wine glass for her is a fabulous gift option! Personalize it with her monogram, favorite colors, cute patterns, and more!
  2. Hangover Relief Kit. If your birthday girl is a party animal who will certainly give shutting the bar down her best shot, prep her for the inevitable hangover the morning after with a hangover relief kit! Decorate it super cutely and include essentials like asprin, Gatorade or Pedialyte, makeup wipes, Emergen-C, breath mints, and an energy bar.
  3. Birthday Sash. Before your birthday girl hits the bar, make sure she’s decked out in a 21st birthday sash so that everyone knows it’s her big night! Bonus points if she scores a few free shots out of her cute sash!
  4. Nice Bottle of Alcohol. If your birthday girl is a little more low-key, but knows what she likes to drink already, opting for a nice bottle of her favorite type of alcohol is a terrific and thoughtful gift.
  5. Cocktail Recipe Book. If your birthday girl is a burgeoning Martha Stewart, introduce her to the glamorous world of cocktails with a mixology book. She’ll love discovering new recipes and playing bartender!
  6. 21 Shirt. If your birthday girl is the type to celebrate her birthday for an entire week or month, gifting her a shirt that lets everyone know that she’s finally 21 is the perfect option! She’ll love the extra attention she gets!
  7. “Open When…” Envelopes. If your birthday girl isn’t much of a drinker but you still want to get her something special, make her some “Open When” letters. Include options like “…You’re sad, …You miss me, …Something wonderful happened, and then write letters that correspond with each situation! It’s a gift that she’ll cherish for years to come.
  8. Wooden Letter with Photographs. If you’re the crafty type but want to stray from decorating flasks, wine glasses, or other alcohol –related presents, picking out a large wooden letter in the shape of the birthday girl’s initial is a great gift. Decorate it with photographs from your favorite memories, glitter, and write a sweet note on the back!
  9. Cocktail Shaker. A cocktail shaker is a thoughtful and practical gift that the birthday girl is sure to get a ton of use out of as the years go by. She’ll feel like an adult when she opens up this gift without a doubt!
  10. Cute Flask. Although the birthday girl might finally be 21, that doesn’t mean she can take alcohol wherever she goes! If you know she’ll want to take it on the sly (say camping, for example!) then give her a flask! You can decorate it yourself, get one engraved, or just find one with a cute pattern- either way, it’s going to be a big hit!