Gift Ideas: Your Best Friend’s Engagement

So, you just got off of the phone with one of your best friends and she shared some thrilling news with you- she’s engaged! Although you congratulated her profusely, you still want to get her a little something to let her know how happy for her you are. This is freakin’ marriage, after all! Here at Rhinestone Sash, we totally know the feeling! And we’ve come up with a few different small gift ideas for you to give your newly-engaged bestie.


Wedding Magazines with champagne. If your bestie is anything like us, we bet that she’s already itching to start planning! Help her begin by giving her a few wedding magazines- along with a bottle of bubbly. Nothing will make her more excited for what’s to come than browsing bridal mags and sipping champs!

Ring Holder. A ring holder is a thoughtful gift for a new bride-to-be, as in all the hoopla of her engagement she likely won’t think to pick one out for herself. Rather than waiting until the wedding shower to see if she receives one, give her piece of mind for her showers to come!

Bride to be goodies. Now that she’s officially a Soon-to-be-Mrs., your bestie is probably freaking out (in the best way possible!). Share in her giddy celebration by ordering her a tank with a Future Mrs. tank or Bride can cooler!

Handwritten note. Although the art of handwritten communication can seem at times to be in danger of being lost, occasions such as these are wonderful opportunities to break out your stationary! Think outside the box when writing your note, and avoid conventional congratulations by reminiscing on when you first met the bride, when you were first introduced to the couple, a happy memory the three of you share, or some advice or more personal well-wishes for your friend!

Take her to brunch. One of the best gifts that you can give to a new bride is an opportunity to gush about her newly pending nuptials. She’ll appreciate a listening ear, and it will mean a lot to her that you are interested to hear all the details of both the engagement and the planning process that she’s about to embark on!

Offer your skills. If you have specific skills that could be helpful to the wedding planning or event itself, feel free to offer them! Letting the bride know early on that you’re willing to help out in whatever specific way that you are is a sweet gesture that will take some of the weight off of her shoulders!