Include Your Flower Girl in More Than Just the Ceremony

If you’re having a flower girl in your wedding, you might want to consider including her in more than just the ceremony. Since she’s going to be a part of the bridal party, it’s important to make her feel like she’s a part of the action. Having her interact with the other older attendants before the big day will also go a long ways toward making her feel comfortable and involved.

            Before anything else, consider how you would like to ask your flower girl to be a part of your wedding. Even very little girls are aware of how important it is to be a part of a wedding, and asking her to be a flower girl in a special way is a fantastic way to get her excited for what is to come.

            Since your flower girl is a part of the bridal party, inviting her to the bridal shower or bridesmaids’ lunch is a great way to introduce your little helper to the bigger ladies that she will be surrounded by on the big day. If your flower girl is unable to attend either of these events, try to arrange a date that the two of you can do something together. Forming a bond with your flower girl is a great way to make her feel special and more included in the wedding’s festivities.

            Another way to make your flower girl feel included in the wedding party is by getting her a sash for the bridal shower and/or rehearsal dinner. She’ll love having a special identifier, and knowing how important her role is to the wedding will also go a long ways toward helping her to remember to be on her best behavior for the big day itself!

            Last but not least, after all is said and done, getting your flower girl a small thank you would be a wonderful gesture of your appreciation. A charm for her charm bracelet, a little necklace, a framed photograph of the two of you would all be perfect keepsakes of the special day! Best of all, wrap the gift in this favor bag for an extra special touch.