How to Ask Your Bridesmaids

So, you’ve officially gotten the rock on your finger and you’re totally ready for wedded bliss- the only thing standing in between you and a lifetime with your fiancé is the wedding. When you’re up to your ears in fonts, cake flavors, and place settings, you’ll need a good shoulder to lean on. This is where your bridesmaids come in.

Not only are they going to be there for you on the big day itself, but they’ll be there for all the little things leading up to the main event. Your bridesmaids will be your support system, your source of laughter, and much more. Recently, it has become trendier and trendier for a bride to ask the women who she wants by her side on her wedding day in a cute way! We totally love this idea, and have come up with a few different options that are sure to fit yours’ and your ‘maids’ personalities to a tee!

Mini Champagne – we don’t know why everything seems cuter when it’s mini, but we sure won’t argue! Mini champagne bottles are a precious and fairly inexpensive way to pop the question to your bridesmaids. Tie a cute straw on with a colorful bow- maybe even add a customizable label. It’s sure to be an offer they can’t refuse. STRAW0PPRDOTPK-2T

Mix CD – If you’re a bride who is constantly asked to DJ on your girls’ nights, what better way to ask your bridesmaids to be yours? A mix cd is a super personal way to ask a pal to be one of your ‘maids, and is something she will cherish for years.

Card/note – Writing your potential bridesmaids a heartfelt note asking her to be your bridesmaid is a very touching gesture. While it may not cost much, the sentiment will be priceless to your friend! Thank her for having been such a great friend to you so far, reminisce about the early stages of your relationship with her and the groom, and ask her to join you as you move into this next stage of your life!

Bridesmaid Shirt – These adorable white tees will make saying no to being your bridesmaid absolutely impossible! Your friends might not even be able to wait until the bachelorette party to start rocking these cute, spirited tops.


Charm or jewelry – If you have a friend who has worn a charm bracelet for years, or one who you’ve been especially close with for years, giving her a charm for her bracelet or another small token asking her to be your bridesmaid is perfect. What’s even better, her present will surely fit inside this pretty organza favor bag!