40th Birthday Ideas

If you or someone you know is turning fabulous forty this year, get them a sash that they can wear on their big day so that everyone knows that they’re the birthday gal! We have the perfect birthday sash for any birthday gal. No matter her personality, you’re sure to find the sash that fits her to a tee! She’ll get a kick out of the attention she’s sure to receive for looking so fierce!


For the gal who has a witty and sarcastic retort for everything, this “Over the Hill” sash is just perfect! The skull and crossbones on the shoulder make light of this big birthday in a low-key, but funny way!  SASHOVRTHEHLL-2T

For the soon-to-be forty year-old who doesn’t seem a day over twenty, get this “Still Wild at 40” sash! After all, just because she’s another year older, it doesn’t mean that she has to be any less fun!


For the fashionista forty year-old, this “40 and Fabulous” sash will be a big hit. Find out what outfit she’s planning on wearing to her birthday bash, and grab her a sash in a color that compliments it well!


For the forty year old who’s always the life of the party, this “Fun, Foxy & 40” sash is just the ticket. She’s always the most fun one in the room, but now she has the birthday sash to prove it!


For the forty year old who’s totally classy, pick up this chic and simple “I’m 40 Today” sash. The cursive is so pretty and getting the sash in black will make whatever she wears totally pop.