Gift Ideas: Teacher Appreciation

As the leaves change every September, so does the person who is teaching your children. The start of a new school year calls for a new teacher, the same way it calls for pumpkin spice lattes and freshly sharpened pencils. As the school year progresses, the bond your child shares with their teacher grows stronger and stronger. Your child will like most of their teachers; while there may be a few that they aren’t the biggest fans of. Every once in a while, your child will have a teacher that they love. This teacher inspires them to always try their best, and actually makes them want to learn! Giving your children’s teachers a token of your gratitude for the lessons that they instill in your children is a great way to show your appreciation.

There are so many different creative and fun options for what you can get for teachers as a Christmas or summer vacation gift! Because of this, we’ve come up with a list of the greatest hits in terms of classroom gifts! Your children’s teachers will seriously thank you when you gift them something from this list!

Flowers. Flowers can make a room smell amazing; whether your teacher chooses to leave them in the classroom or take them home to enjoy! Add an extra thoughtful touch with a cute, personalized note from your child. We love “Thanks for helping me bloom”!

Candy and snacks. These types of gifts are always very well received with teachers, either because they’re for sharing with the class or because you’ve gotten them a little something to enjoy on their own! There are tons of cute labels and puns that you can include. Some examples that we find especially adorable are “you are o-fish-ally the best” for Swedish Fish, “you deserve a break” for Kit-Kats, or “just popping in to say thank you” for popcorn.

Tote Bag. This “World’s Best Teacher” tote is totally roomy and durable. It would be perfect for your child’s teacher to carry papers for grading to and from the classroom during the school year, and for holding sunscreen and a beach towel in the summer!

Nail Polish or manicure/pedicure. Chances are good that your children’s teachers are so busy with their pupils that they don’t get too many chances to pamper themselves. Get them a gift card to a local spa or some cute nail polish colors for an at-home spa session! Add a cute note, like “thanks for being a toe-tally awesome teacher” or “you’re the best teacher ever, hands down!”

Something for the classroom. Whether your child’s teacher is in need of a classroom clock that doesn’t stop ticking halfway through the day or some fresh games for the rainy day recess corner, getting them something that the classroom will benefit from is a great idea! It will get a lot of use, and the teacher will be grateful!

Something for summer. If summer is fast approaching, getting your child’s teacher something that they can use in the warmer months is a fantastic idea. A cute beach towel or new summer read will be very well received!

Rhinestone Sash. Get your child’s teacher a “#1 Teacher” rhinestone sash that they’ll be able to rock in the classroom or on the first day of school! Your child’s teacher will get a kick out of this fun and sweet gift.