What Sash Should You Get Your Bride?

You’re in charge of planning the bridal shower or the bachelorette party, and you want the bride to feel special. But what do you get her? Take a look at some options below to find the perfect sash for the bride’s personality!

The Classic Bride
Girly Bride sash
This sash is classic, feminine, and romantic. It’s nice enough that the bride can wear it at her bridal shower or to a classy bachelorette event. If your bride is having a traditional wedding, this is the sash for her. Girly Bride Sash, $15.99.

The Rockstar
glam bride sash
This sash is glamorous, blingy, and a bit unexpected with the words forming in the empty space. If your bride is a bit edgy, stylish, glam, or just likes shiny things, this sash will be perfect. Super Glam Bride Sash, $18.99.

The “Mean Girl”
Getting Married Bitches sash
This bride is getting married and is ready to flaunt it! Allow her to show off and be the center of attention on her night. Pair it with some “Bride’s Bitches” tank tops for the other ladies, and you’ll stand out wherever you go!
I’m Getting Married Bitches Sash, $16.99.

The Princess
ring sash
This bride has the biggest ballgown  picked out for her wedding dress. She sings all the time. You’re not positive, but she may have birds and small forest critters help her get ready in the morning. If she could be, she would be a princess. This sash is beautiful, girly, and shows a flash of some bling. Pair it with a tiara and the bride will be ready for a long night of dancing.
Pink & Gem Bride Sash, $19.99.

The Party Girl
Single til sash
This bride loves to party! She’s still technically “single” and she’s going to live it up until the moment she says “I Do!” This sash will help make sure her bachelorette party is one she won’t soon forget (or be allowed to talk about!)
Single til… Sash, $24.99.

The Comedian
Trophy Wife sash
Your bride is cute, funny, and possibly marrying an older, richer man. She’s a Trophy Wife-to-be. If she has a sense of humor, she may even call herself one.  If so, grab her this sash!
Future Trophy Wife Sash, $13.98

The Head-Over-Heels-In-Love Girl
Future Mrs. sash
Does the bride go on and on about her fiance? Do they often publicly display their affection? Will she be taking his last name? The bride can let everyone know she’ll soon be a Mrs. and that she couldn’t be more thrilled!
“Future Mrs.” sash, $24.99.

Which sash are you picking out for your bride?

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