Celebrating Your New Baby!

it's a girl sashAre you having a baby this summer? One of the best parts of preparing for a new baby is the parties that go along with it! Baby showers have always been a common way to celebrate a new bundle of joy. Many people are now also throwing gender reveal parties to keep their family and friends in suspense until they make the big reveal. This is such a great idea to be it's a boy sashable to see the joy on everyone’s faces when they find out!


Our sashes are absolutely perfect for both baby showers and gender reveal parties. Our It’s a Girl and It’s a Boy sashes are great to wear for any baby shower, especially during the upcoming hot months of summer! It’s an adorable way to celebrate the baby with a light material perfect for any weather.

There are many cute ways to use these sashes to your advantage at your gender reveal party as well. Have the mom-to-be wear both sashes or have one parent wear It’s a Girl, while the other wears It’s a Boy, to throw off the guests. coming soon sashThey will have no idea which gender it is until your big reveal! Another way to keep them guessing is to wear our Coming Soon sash! Make sure your guests are kept in suspense with the help of these sashes.

The It’s a Girl and It’s a Boy sashes are also perfect to wear out of the hospital to let the world know how excited you are! Even with the exhaustion of being a new mom, these sashes will express the pure joy you are feeling with no effort.

Celebrate your precious baby with these amazing sashes at rhinestonesash.com! Check out our Pinterest page for baby shower and gender reveal party ideas!





Host a Glitzy Baby Shower

Baby showers don’t have to be all pastels and ducks. Show off the mom-to-be’s style and create something a bit more formal and classy than the showers your friends may be used to. She’ll thank you!

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

 Paris-themed Party
This is one of the most glamorous baby showers I’ve ever seen. You can replicate it by picking a classic color pairing (like pink, black, and off-white) or theme (Paris), and sticking to it. Looking for a Paris theme? Pick up some macarons, croissants, and nice chocolates. Having a boy? Give it a “Little Prince” theme!

Champagne/Cider Bar
Create a lovely champagne and sparkling cider bar with fresh fruit and juices so guests can mix their own sparkling drink!

We can’t make this list and not include some rhinestones! The Mom-to-be will stand out in a classy and glitzy way with one of these sashes. Incorporate rhinestones into the entire event with a “prince” or “princess” theme. This sash is available for $16.99.

Gold Glitter
A bit of glitter’s never hurt anyone, and as shown above, accents of gold can even work for  a shower welcoming a baby boy. The accents help add a bit of a glam feel to a traditional pastel shower. See the whole party here.

Find more glitzy baby shower ideas on our Pinterest board, and see all of our “Mom to Be” sashes at RhinestoneSash.com!