Hold the Best BBQ Ever!

Kiss the Cook Apron

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to have a party or wear something from RhinestoneSash.com, and the summer is a good enough excuse to hold a BBQ!

Grab one of our Rhinestone Aprons and use these pictures as inspiration for the best BBQ ever:

classy bbq This image is from a BBQ Rock Hudson threw in 1952. Throw a classy BBQ like this one by telling your friends to dress up in cute sundresses and slacks. Don’t forget to take tons of pics! Take inspiration from the 50’s for the menu as well, keeping it simple with burgers, potato salad, and some Jello or an icebox cake for dessert.


BBQ Invite Invite your neighbors by hand-delivering physical invitations. It will provide them with a nice reminder of the date, and will be an easy way to request things for them to bring if you choose to do a potluck-style event.


condiment tin Stock up on a variety of condiments and display them in an easy-to-use fashion. Grab a few different types of barbecue sauce and hold a taste-test!

Want more inspiration? Find it in the “Best BBQ Ever” board on ourĀ Pinterest page!