Make Birthdays Special!

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to give a loved one a day dedicated to them and show them how much you love them!

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Everyone likes to feel appreciated, especially on their special day! Celebrate a loved one by going above and beyond to make them feel special on their birthday.


One thing you can do to make them feel extra special is to invite someone they love and don’t get to see often to town so they can celebrate with you!


Another option is to throw a surprise party! This is a great way to get everyone together for the birthday girl/boy and they will be impressed that you pulled off the surprise.

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Make their day even more special by taking them to a concert or event. This will make their birthday unforgettable!


Whether you are throwing a party or going to an event, giving them special birthday clothing and accessories to wear so everyone knows it’s their special day!


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Sashes Celebrities Love!

Have you ever wanted to look and feel like a celebrity? Feel like a fabulous star on your birthday with our rhinestone sashes! We have sent sashes to certain big movie and television sets.

16th and 15th birthday sashes are huge with the celebrities and you’ll look great in them!

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Wear our “Queen of 16,” “16 & Ready to Drive,” and “16th Birthday Princess” sashes on your Sweet 16!



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You can also feel like a star on your 15th birthday with our “15th Birthday Princess” and “15th Birthday Diva” sashes!



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At any age, the birthday girl can dress like a celebrity with our “The Birthday Diva” and “The Birthday Princess” sashes!





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Tips For Your 21st Birthday

I'm 21 Today Sash

Turning 21? Chances are you’ll be heading out on the town, legally able to drink from any of the bars for the first time. So what can you do to make sure you have a good night and an even better next day?

Eat Before You Drink
Eat a large meal, specifically one with carbohydrates. Drinking on an empty stomach = bad news.

Alternate Water with Alcohol
If you plan on imbibing more than one drink, alternate with water. This will keep you hydrated and will prevent you from overdoing it by drinking too much alcohol at once.

Wear a Sash!
Everyone in that bar has had a 21st birthday, and a lot of them would love to help make yours awesome. Wear a 21st birthday sash, and you WILL get free drinks. We have a few 21st birthday sashes for you to choose from!

Have a Designated Driver
Whether it’s a friend, taxi, or limo, make sure you have a designated driver. You’ll want a safe and reliable ride.

Try New Things
Ask your friends to get you one of their favorite drinks, so you can try a type of alcohol you may not have had before. Stumped on what to order? Ask the bartender for their favorite!

Have a “Handler”
Get someone who cares for you greatly to be your handler for the day. They’ll be there if you aren’t feeling well, and they’ll be the ones to take the drink from you if you insist on keep drinking past your threshold. Being a handler is tough work, but you’ll want it. They’re particularly handy in keeping an eye on your stuff and making sure you get home safe and sound! If you do have a handler, you may want to find a nice way to thank them after your birthday party. Buy them dinner or a nice treat!

Have a safe and happy 21st Birthday! Have more tips? Leave them in the comments! JPUYAK8GBT73

Wear Your Birthday Sash, Get Free Stuff!

Birthday Girl Sash

It’s your birthday. You’ve got an amazing Rhinestone Sash, and you’re ready to flaunt it. What should you do? Get free stuff and some special attention, of course!

These chain locations all offer freebies for your birthday. Grab your sash and get going! (And let us know in the comments if you know of any other locations that will give you free stuff!)

Alfy’s Pizza – Free mini pizza

Applebee’s – Free dessert and song

Bennigan’s – Buy 1 entree, get 1 entree free and a free brownie ice cream dessert coupon

Bob’s Big Boy – Free hot fudge ice cream

Buffalo Wild Wings – Free dessert

Cracker Barrel – Free dessert and song

Dave & Buster’s – Free $5 game card credit

Denny’s – Free Grand Slam

Dutch Bros. Coffee – Free coffee

Hana Japan – Free birthday lunch or dinner when you bring in 4 or more people

Hard Rock Cafe – Free dessert

IHOP – Free meal or sundae. (May not be available in all areas.)

Joe’s Crab Shack – Free piece of cake

Macaroni Grill – Free dessert and song

Moe’s Southwest Grill – Free entree

Outback – Free dessert and song

P.F. Changs – Free dessert

Round Table – Free personal pizza

Sephora – Free gift

Tony Roma’s – Free dinner