Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up and your mom deserves something special. (After all, she raised you, and you’re pretty ridiculously awesome.)

We’ve got fantastic gift ideas that will show everyone your mom is the best. Here are some of our faves:

#1 Mom Rhinestone Sash
Your mom loves to be the center of attention, and as the #1 Mom, that’s where she deserves to be. Have her wear this sash on Mother’s Day so everyone will know they’re in the presence of someone incredible! $17.99.

Mom and Custom Date Apron
Your mom loves to cook and is amazing at it. Show her your appreciation with this custom rhinestone apron, and maybe she’ll remember to cook your favorite meal a bit more often! $19.99.

Most Of My Children Love Me Tee
Does your mom have a sense of humor? Get her this shirt and leave her guessing who her favorite child is! $19.99.

Baseball Mom Large Tote
Your mom will be the most popular person in the stands with this cute Baseball Mom tote. Bonus: It can hold all the orange slices and juice boxes you and your teammates may need! $17.99.

Grandma Custom Tee
Don’t forget Grandma! This tee will let her show off the birthdates of all of her grandchildren. $19.99.

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Check out our full selection at

Excuses to Wear a Sash

Rhinestone Sash owner Steph finds an excuse to wear a sash!

Rhinestone Sash owner Steph finds an excuse to wear a sash!

So you didn’t just win a pageant, but you still want to rock a sash. Who says you can’t? Take a look at these excuses to wear a sash, and then pick out your favorite at!

  • Birthday: You’re the star this one day a year, so make sure everyone knows it! Wearing a birthday sash will ensure you get free gifts all day long.
  • Bachelorette Party: You’re only a bride once (or twice, or three times…) so you should make the most of your bachelorette party. Wear a sash so you can stand out that night. You can reuse the sash for your bridal shower or pass it along to another bride!
  • Costume Parties: Dress up as your favorite pageant winner or get a custom sash to complement any costume.
  • Around the Office: Are you the best boss ever? Make sure all of your employees know! (Or get an “Employee of the Month” sash to spread the love!)
  • Pampering Your Mom: Is your mom the best? Or did you recently do something that made her mad? Make it up to her with a “World’s Best Mom” sash. Every time she wears it, you have to do a chore!
  • Random Acts of Sashes: Purchase a stash and bestow it upon your friends when they do something good or have an important day coming up. It can be something generic like our “Buy Me a Shot” sash or whatever you can think of on one of our custom sashes!

What excuse do you use to wear sashes?