You’re Not Too Old for a Slumber Party

No longer a teenager? That doesn’t mean you can’t still hold a slumber party! Invite your friends over for a nostalgic evening of your favorite slumber party activities. Some of our favorites are below!

I Love Sleep set These customized sleep sets will remind you of the days when you wrote your crush’s name on your notebooks. Your attendees can all receive a set with their celebrity crush’s name on it!

popcorn candy Set up for a movie night with a popcorn station chock-full of candies, seasonings, and other goodies. Then settle in for a favorite slumber party movie from your past. We recommend an animated Disney film, a cheesy horror movie, or one of the Brat Pack films.

cootie catcher Remember cootie catchers? Make some of your own! And don’t forget to have some paper on hand to play some rounds of MASH!

Want some more inspiration? Check out our Slumber Party Pinterest board! What are your fave slumber party activities?